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Skin is a miracle garment. It is soft, pliable, strong, waterproof, and self-repairing. It is alive and held captive by the human condition. Even so, your skin was compromised by both the winter and summer sun.  You notice sun spots, age spots, fine lines, or maybe just dull skin.  Sun exposure along with age, can contribute to a sagging jawline and neck. Laser facial with skin tightening is an effective treatment.






For the bride, her wedding party, mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Don't you deserve flawless skin for the most important photos of your life?  Bride's laser facial is FREE, mother of the bride and  mother of the groom will be half price when accompanied by 3 or more party members. Let's not forget the Groom! He is only half price as well! 2 visits are suggested for optimal results.  



"The eyes have it".  Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent tatoo procedure. Indiviudal "hairs" are created to replenish your eyebrows restoring a youthful browline. 




  • Laser Facial (Photorejuvenation)
  • Laser Facial w/Skin Tightening including Neck
  • Skin Tightening (Jaw and Neck)
  • Lip plumping
  • Stretch mark reduction (newly acquired stretch marks only)
  • Hand Rejuvenation w/Pigmented Spots
  • Active Acne Treatment Face 
  • Acne Scars (Face)
  • Acne Scars Body
  • Pigmented Spots, Angiomas, PFB (ingrown hairs)
  • Tattoo Removal