Gentle Aesthetic Laser Treatments


Jenny K, NY


Like so many women, laser hair removal was my last-ditch attempt to rid myself of excessive facial hair. I thought I could tweeze it, wax it or shave it away. Unwittingly, I aggravated the problem to the point were I was so self conscious I could barely make eye contact with another person for fear I would see him/her staring at my scruffy face. Ugh!

I was referred to Joy at Derma-Lase by a friend. I admit, I was really embarrassed to meet with her but she was so understanding. Joy explained her personal experience with excessive hair growth and I immediately felt comfortable and confident that I had found the perfect laser specialist.

The treatments were pain free and the results--AMAZING! My face is smooth and hair free. My self esteem has soared and I have rediscovered myself. It’s not that hair removal anywhere nearly defines a woman, but I really feel like a woman with lots of femininity.

Thank you, Joy for your professionalism and discretion.

Jennifer  F  New City,  NY

Judy C. Hillsdale, NJ


 I've had 2 laser facial treatments and my skin looks so much younger.  I had many sun spots removed which really improved the overall look of my face. And there was an added bonus-I had noticeable hair on my upper lip that has now dimished just from the facial treatment.  A few more visits and my "moustache" should be gone! 

Judy C.    Hillsdale, NJ


I'm a sun worshipper and I had a very obvious sun spot on my upper left cheekbone.  I wanted to look perfect for my wedding in July, so in May I had Laser Facial and Joy removed the large sun spot and several smaller ones. I looked so good my mom and all my bridesmaids went for a treatment. Needless to say, my wedding photos were flawless.

Jill M.  Hawthorne, NJ


I don't even want to think about how much money I wasted on creams and serums that were supposed to remove wrinkles, lines, and age spots. Now I go once a month for a laser treatment and I get the results I expected from those expensive creams.

Kathie V.   Pearl River, NY