Gentle Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Before and After

Before and After

upper lip
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Upper Lip Hair Removal

Women are most self - conscious about upper lip hair making this our most popular treatment. Psychologically, this laser treatment offers our clients renewed attractiveness since the face truly represents a persons identity. This client received 5 treatments for full clearance.

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Acne Treatment

It may see that squeezing, popping or picking is the quickest way to treat acne but they are counterproductive. You risk infection and scarring. As you can see, after 3 treatments the client had a significant acne reduction.

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Angioma Removal

Also known as cherry angiomas or ruby points. They are a cluster of dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin. Angiomas occur mostly on the torso but can be anywhere on the body sometimes appearing in groups. One laser treatment is all that is needed for complete removal.

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Underarm hair Removal

Underarm hair removal is one of our most requested treatments Woman find it the most liberating since the absence of stubble is quite dramatic. We offer a special rate for breast cancer survivors.